Monday, 16 March 2015

Did I get the 'complexity' right for the students?

Task: Create a 'generic' template in 'Explain Everything' for use as a starting point for a teacher supported reading group.

The next slide, which I will insert this week will ask students to look at what is different about two characters and describe why they are different. EG: Little Chimp eats with his hands and the bird eats with a beak.
Lets see if this is levelled correctly for my Level 12 (recently tested by Running Records) group.

My first 'generic' EE template. . .

We collaboratively created some generic EE (explain everything) templates to use for the lower reading levels, whilst trying to encourage the start of higher level thinking with the action word DESCRIBE which comes from the SOLO pedagogy of learning.

I trialled this template with my top reading group (Green L12) and it was hard work with an 80% teacher input to 20% child input. I will re-present the learning opportunity to this group as I am sure multiple opportunities will ensure success.

I will report in next week to say how they did. . .