Sunday, 22 February 2015

The power of collaboration and 'cool' colleagues. . .

Collaborative Inquiry Meeting

Meeting Agenda
Meeting notes, links
Share personal inquiry foci
What are my students doing now?
What am I doing now?
What am I wanting to change?
What am I going to try that I think will impact my students’ learning
Learning the Kawa of care for iPads
Learning expected behaviour for the classroom
Learning to use the camera on the iPad
Identifying and using icons
Higher order engagement beyond a simple cut up sentence or rote learning words
Extending vocabulary through oracy activities (and reading/writing for Laura’s class)
Inquiry Reading and discussion
Summarise 3-4 main points
What does this mean for my inquiry?
Learning needs to be re-cyclable
Self-regulation is very important
Teachers and learners need multiple opportunities to practise
Challenge our existing teaching practice = and have the support to do so
Give things time to embed
Take risks
Sharing first steps of action plan
What am I going to do, try, observe, research in the next fortnight. be ready to share this and how it went with the group in week 5
Jody and Susan - to have top 2 groups working in EE at teacher table
Karen - investigate and create some projects with an oracy focus to unlock prior knowledge and encourage engagement
Laura - To set up a template that includes practice skills and also promotes higher cognitive engagement in literacy. To look into Solo Taxonomy and see how this may apply to Year 1-2 students.
Another pair of eyes - a group member will be your observation partner for the next fortnight.
Arrange to “see” what they do now. When they share what the state of things are next meeting you will be able to contribute to this.  
How can I ‘see’ what my partner is doing?  (this may be visits in class if you can, looking at their site or planning (ask for permission to view) or it could be discussions)
What is the impact of what and how they teach on their students?
What do you notice?  (Remember this is the baseline, you are looking at what is happening at the beginning of the year and before you both have implemented change)

Sue + Laura
Jody + Karen - both will try some things & get together for informal chat in about a week

Friday, 20 February 2015

Loving Learning in the Digital World

I wonder what these could mean?

This is a blog which will track my professional learning in taking my pedagogy from a 'blended' environment to a 1:1 digital classroom with Year 1 students.
(5 year olds)