Monday, 3 August 2015

Reading Programme - hows it going?

Engaged boys!!!!

My journey with providing a folow-up activity using EE (explain everything application) has been very interesting and challenging.

Thanks to the amazing tech skills of colleagues PES has created a shareable bank of EE's.  
As a class teacher this has required a reliable internet connection (most days!) and the use of 'smart share' on the Hapara teacher dashboard to allocate the EE to each childs ipad.

As the children have got more proficient with EE's and their ipads, I have realised that we can not realistically keep churning out the EE activities and that the top reading groups (L15-18) need to show me their learning more independently by creating their own EE.

For example the main learning progression for Week 7-11 was retelling a story.
I learnt that the students needed to look at the pictures to aid sequence, then I needed to remind them in my teaching group (micro-group) of the 'beginning' 'middle' and 'end' parts of a story.
I also learnt to play to their strengths and that they worked better at getting the job done when they worked in pairs. The stronger oral language student was the recorder and the other student was the organiser and book handler. 
This group are now much more able (after taking turns in each 'role') to do this independently. As is usual in a micro-group this pointed out organically, the next learning point. This group needs to work on making meaning of implied or inferred information which the author may not make clear.

Guess what their learning progression will be for this Week?

Signing off for now,

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Literacy Magic!!!

At PES we have had some wonderful professional development over the years with Dr Gwenneth Philips and her First Chance literacy programme

We have revisited the specific prompts used to keep consistency in our pedagogy throughout the school. They WORK!!!!

Enjoy reading this and you are welcome to use the knowledge to trial in your own class.  Happy reading.

Gwenneth Philips Literacy Strategies